Our History

Values ​​over time...

Soft and solar shades seem to cross the precious plots of hemp, cotton and linen, almost giving off the scent of the past.

Sobriety and elegance of a class and refined fabric which distinguishes and enhances any room.

Fabric ..... result of weaving, through the art of the loom by hand that still survives in the remote times of master weavers tradition.


And even today, since 1995, in our laboratory in Montefalco, the tissue is produced and patiently enriched by expert hands, with antique lace and embroidery to enhance the preciousness of the fabrics.

In the name of values ​​that the time has not dispersed, we produce unique beautiful fabrics suitable for every environment and needs.

Visit one of our shops, you will be surprised by the quality and exclusivity of our products.

Our Fabrics

The texture boasts, in Umbria, an old tradition that tells the value and refinement of an exquisitely popular art.

The passionate pursuit of this tradition, the reference to the Renaissance culture and the attention to detail, are expressed in a refined design that falls outside of the fashions.

In our company take lives precious fabrics made with jacquard loom and then finished by hand, to become later, unique tablecloth,

towels of an impossible to find softness and fabrics for a higher quality furniture.

We use exclusively natural fibers such as linen, cotton and hemp of good quality, in order to ensure the best results in terms of resistance and color fastness with soft and solar shades like lilac, tuberose, lavender and cinnamon.

Our Products

"Tessuto Artistico Umbro Montefalco” produces for more than twenty year years fine fabrics born from the work of skilled craftsmen, custodians of ancient traditions.

Born with the aim of transferring in weaving the ancient designs of the Umbrian tradition, our company is on the market today with a handicraft production that includes tablecloths, bedspreads, towels, table covers, curtains and furnishing fabrics.

The wide flexibility of the production allows to create artifacts of various sizes; the color range, with classic colors and pastel colors, allows to satisfy the most varied demands, delivering a well-finished and of high-quality product, also customized and with a design supplied by the customer.